Bridge Creek High School

The new high school for the Bridge Creek Public Schools will be the first brick facility in the district.  As a small growing school district the needs for a larger facility to house more students were a major influence.  The 54,000 square foot building has safe rooms that were designed on the FEMA guidelines and can handle over 500 students.  The facility provided a second cafeteria for the district as well as science rooms, library, computer labs, and band facility.

Cost:    7.2 Million               

Completion:  2010

Yukon High School

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Oakridge Elementary

This 9,000 square foot classroom and gymnasium addition shares the materials and detailing of the original building to create a seamless transition between the new and previous additions. The interior finishes are based on the buildings current color schemes following a 2012 renovation.

Johnson Elementary

This 8,700 square foot addition is a single building added to the existing classroom and media center wing for the school. A new accessible entry area with ramp is included to facilitate after school activities.

New Castle Middle School

The 83,000 square foot middle school was designed for 500 students with the ability to expand to 900 in the future.  The kitchen was designed to accommodate the future growth without a major renovation.  The facility is equipped with four safe rooms, three science rooms, art room, computer lab, library, vocal music room, gymnasium, four locker rooms and several special needs spaces.  The new facility was designed so that after hours activities could be separated without giving access to the entire school. 


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